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Work in progress

We are translating and adapting our code to other countries lotteries. At the moment we have planned versions for the English "National Lottery", for the French "Loto" and for the Spanish "Loteria Primitiva". We will deliver versions for AmigaOS 3.0+; 68k and PPC processors will be both supported. The programs will be fully localized (English will be the default language). We need your support to go on. For example, translation to English, French and Spanish is needed. Write to us if you can help us (free registration for the brave guys :-). The registered version (expect a ~6 Euros fee) will be able to print to paper, file and forms the lottery's columns. All the other options will be available to the unregistered users. If there's interest we can adapt the code to other similar lotteries. Write to us and let us know!

email7.gif (2241 bytes) Contact us at email7.gif (2241 bytes)