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You can download Versionize archives from this page and from the directory dev/c of Aminet.

Versionize is open source so you can use and distribute the code and the executables in any form you like. If you like, I will be happy to include modifications on the code back on the original source so others may benefit from them. Versionize should compile correctly with any C compiler on any platform. Executables for AmigaOS (68k) and Windows are also included in the package. They were tested on AmigaOS 3.x and WindowsXP but should work just everywhere.

Shift click to download the desired archive from the list below.

Versionize 1.00

Archive name Format Version Date Size Description Notes zip 1.00.139 30 August 2004 36 kbytes Versionize sources and help docs Includes executables for Windows and AmigaOS (68k)

Main - News - Download